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Heavily inspired by the 90s streetwear fashion and music; Uncommon Being®  emerged from the vibrant jungle drum and bass scene of Los Angeles in 2015, capturing the essence of raw authenticity and individuality. Born from the pulsating rhythms and eclectic energy of the underground music culture, Uncommon Being Streetwear embodies the spirit of what's real. With its roots deeply intertwined with the streets of LA, the brand embraces diversity, creativity, and a fearless approach to self-expression. Driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and defying conventions, Uncommon Being Streetwear crafts clothing that resonates with the rebellious spirit of its origins. From bold designs to intricate details, each piece reflects the essence of the urban landscape and the untamed energy of electronic music


Our guiding principles are based on quality, exclusivity, authenticity and independence.  All our garments are designed in house at our headquarter and manufactured right here in the US, in small limited number to ensure the most premium quality and exclusivity. Everything we do comes from a handful of creative individuals

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